Friday, April 6, 2012

A special day of love

As we near the end of Lent and my whining ends about giving up Starbucks and face book and begin to get excited about having this all back on Sunday, I'm reminded how this sacrifice I made was minuscule compared to what Jesus did for us. I have no idea what a sacrifice it really was for Jesus to take our place on the cross.

As I ponder today, on how great His love for me as He was once fixed to the cross in every part of his body, so He may now be fixed in every part of my soul.

For the last 40 days I've reflected on the life of Jesus and what he went through. I’ve imagined had it been me...I never could have made it all the way to the cross. He was alone - all his disciples had deserted him except for his mother and three women along with John, the beloved disciple.

His death was agonizing and humiliating. If it would have been me, I would have called the whole thing off the first time Peter said he didn’t know me. I couldn’t have borne Judas’ betrayal, couldn’t have stood still for his kiss. I would have jumped off the cross long before a sword pierced my side, long before “It is finished!”

There is no greater proof of God’s love for us than the willing sacrifice of his son on the cross. Jesus bowed his head and gave up his spirit knowing that the strife was now over and the battle was won. Even on the cross Jesus knew the joy and victory. But the real suffering on the cross was when the Father turned away from the Son and strapped our sin on Jesus’ back and inflicted the punishment that sin deserves and we’ll never know.

He could have jumped off that cross, but didn’t. Instead He begged God for us. He breathed, “Forgive them.” This act bridged the gap our sin put between us and God. He stayed on the cross until dead – making resurrection possible. He never turned back but instead said to His father “Not my will, but yours be done.” He boar the suffering and endured the shame and paid the price and defeated it all – to the end of glory so that we all may have life eternal.


  1. A beautifully written reminder of the most loving, selfless act ever done for mankind! May we all grasp even the simplest understanding of His love for us!

  2. This was a great way to end this Easter Sunday Diane... thank you. I loved reading this.